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Race Days


Again, the race day is just around the corner and you have your adrenalin talking. We are sure you do have many like minded friends who would like to take a chance on the race day. Wouldn’t it be fun, if all of you travelled together to the race day, had your share of fun and went ahead for a few drinks?


Would it be as much fun, if ten of you were travelling in ten different cars converging at the same destination? No, of course not..! This is just why we have a special race day mini bus hire or coach hire to take care of your requirements. From pick up to dropping off, you will not need to think about anything else apart form your bets and fun.


We have the right drivers and guides to take care of all your needs on the big day. All you need to do is to get together under the same air-conditioned, safe hood and have fun. Talk to us today for our special race day prices.


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